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Wood Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh, PA

If you need to protect your property from soil erosion, call us for a free, at-home consultation about wood retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA. Stockman Lawnscape Inc. is the experienced builder of long-lasting, effective retaining walls you can trust. For over 20 years, we've satisfied customers by constructing superior wood retaining walls that are built to last. We construct wood retaining walls to enhance your landscaping with a natural look when you need to preserve the contours of your soil. When you want quality wood retaining wall installation done by experienced professionals, depend on us.

Wood retaining walls are often made from landscaping timbers, and sometimes even from repurposed railroad ties or materials made to resemble railroad ties. Whatever their source, wood retaining walls are made of tough, treated hardwood. Homeowners often prefer wood walls for garden walls and for terracing because of their neutral tones and cost-effectiveness. Make us your wood retaining wall contractor when you're ready to benefit from a great new wall.

Wooden Retaining Wall in Pittsburgh, PA

Here to Give You Professional Wood Retaining Wall Installation

When wood walls are properly installed, they are durable retaining walls that last for years. However, when left to less experienced contractors, wood walls are easy to get wrong. Incorrectly installed wood retaining walls are vulnerable to tilting and rotting, which threaten the integrity of your grounds.

Trust us to install your wood retaining wall. Our experienced team specializes in calculating soil pressure for installing wood walls that do the job you need them to do. For expertly installed wood walls, rely on us. We'll reinforce your yard with an attractive retaining wall that supports your soil for years.

Experienced Wood Retaining Wall Contractor

No matter how large or small your job is, we apply the same attention to detail and thorough workmanship to all our projects. We take great pride in protecting our customers' properties with expertly engineered wood retaining walls. Our many years of experience guarantee that your wood wall is built right for maximized performance.

From installation to repair and replacement, we're the full-service retaining wall contractor you need for superior results. Let us show you what separates us from the rest by constructing your durable wood retaining wall. Our team understands the science behind backfill management and soil erosion. We're confident that our work will exceed your expectations while adding value and style to your home.

Contact us if you need wood retaining wall installation. We proudly serve our customers in Pittsburgh, Delmont, Fox Chapel, Murrysville, and Plum, Pennsylvania.