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Retaining Wall Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Is a failing retaining wall threatening the appearance and value of your property? If so, Stockman Lawnscape Inc. is here to offer you professional retaining wall repair in Pittsburgh, PA. Often, postponing necessary retaining wall repairs results in more expensive work as the continuously deteriorating conditions demand more effort to fix. Don't hesitate to call our retaining wall repair contractor as soon as you notice the onset of damage.

For over 20 years, we've installed, replaced, and repaired all types of retaining walls. Our knowledge and experience means that we know how to provide lasting repairs. Since your home's retaining wall is an important feature in its overall structure and design, make sure it's in top shape by calling us for a free estimate.

Repairing retaining walls requires special expertise since these structures interact with the weight and contours of your property's soil. We bring the knowledge and attention to detail that you can depend on for repair work that's done right. Don't take any chances when your retaining wall is at stake. If your wall is showing signs of damage, reach out to us for retaining wall repair service.

Experienced Retaining Wall Repair Contractor

Your home needs a contractor who knows how to identify the cause of your retaining wall's damage in order to take the right actions. When your retaining wall crumbles, separates from an adjacent wall, tilts, or collapses, you need to contact us right away.

Shifting soil conditions or improper installation may be responsible for these problems. Retaining walls, when not constructed properly, can fail to support the weight of the soil behind them. When this occurs, damage starts to become noticeable. Or, as sometimes happens with wooden or railroad tie walls, wood rot from moisture contributes to collapse and tilting. Whatever the cause is, we have the right repair solutions. Whether you need helical tiebacks, wall anchors, or something else, we'll diagnose your wall's problem and fix the damage.

Repaired Retaining Wall in Pittsburgh, PA

Friendly, Convenient Retaining Wall Repair Service

Our knowledge and experience have equipped us with a competitive edge when it comes to providing superior retaining wall repairs. Our goal is to make sure your retaining wall works as good as new and operates to its fullest capacity. We pride ourselves in serving area residents, so we bring the same quality workmanship to all our jobs. Retaining walls do an important job on properties with uneven terrain, and we make sure yours is in optimum working order.

Contact us for professional retaining wall repair. We proudly serve our customers in Pittsburgh, Delmont, Fox Chapel, Murrysville, and Plum, Pennsylvania.