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Concrete Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh, PA

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction of erosion-preventing retaining walls. The durability of concrete allows for especially strong and long-lasting retaining walls. When you're looking for concrete retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA, rely on us for our always reliable services. Stockman Lawnscape Inc. has designed and built effective retaining walls for more than 20 years. We have the skill it takes to engineer a successful retaining wall. Concrete retaining wall pouring is a difficult task that requires professional attention. When you want concrete pouring done right for a great-looking wall that lasts for years, turn to us for our many years of experience and our attention to detail.

Working with concrete is both a skill and a science. Retaining walls don't work if they can't stand up to the weight of the heavy soil backfill behind them. We know how to calculate the lateral earth pressure and implement backfill drainage where necessary. Trust us with your concrete wall installation to get an attractive, functional wall.

Exact Concrete Retaining Wall Pouring

Pouring concrete can turn into a messy job that's easy to do incorrectly. For concrete retaining walls that do the job you need them to do, rely on us to pour your concrete correctly. Improperly installed concrete walls begin to fail and crack over time. With us, you'll get a concrete retaining wall that withstands the pressure behind it so you don't have to worry about costly repairs or replacement later on.

Soil erosion is an especially important concern if your yard slopes near your patio or even your home's foundation. Stable grounds keep these areas from becoming prone to erosion-related damage. Our concrete retaining walls stabilize your yard while also acting as a valuable design element. Sometimes installed as segmental walls, concrete walls can be constructed from modular, interlocking blocks. These blocks can make use of today's stained concrete techniques for an attractive look that resembles natural stone at a much lower cost.

Concrete Retaining Wall in Pittsburgh, PA

Turn to Us for Concrete Wall Installation

Call us for a free consultation if you're interested in a concrete retaining wall. We're the experienced team you can rely on for the durable, attractive retaining wall that will protect your property for years to come. Don't take chances by calling just any retaining wall contractor. For correct retaining wall installation, you need the experience, skill, and attention to detail that we bring to every job.

Contact us to find out more about our concrete retaining walls. We proudly serve our customers in Pittsburgh, Delmont, Fox Chapel, Murrysville, and Plum, Pennsylvania.